We help to grow sustainable farms which create income, jobs and wealth for farmers and young minds. We also provide market for the farm products that provide sustainable income for the farmers. Visit our Home page to learn more.

Currently in Tamilnadu, We are planning to extend our services all over India.

Our name represents our Area of expertise, history and our service.
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  • Farming Arms connect emerging businesses and farms to capital, networks and suppliers through various programs.
  • Generally, we provide ideas through call/mail, if needed we’ll visit your site also. Visit our Farming Arms page to learn more about Farming Arms office near you.
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Internships are posted periodically. For more information, visit our News/Events page. If you have a specific interest and do not see a relevant internship posted to our website, please write us through farmingarms@gmail.com.
Farming Arms helps Farmers and young minds to acquire skills, share knowledge and apply the technologies needed to build successful farms and businesses. Visit our Service page to learn more about Farming Arms Services.

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