How can We Help You?
We can help you in following things Soil enrichment,Green manuring,Composting,Vermi composting,Plant diversity,Crop rotation,Local sourcing,Natural pest control,Water conservation,Drip irrigation,Mulching,Simple machinery

Searching a suitable agriculture land

Crop land

Suitable for current and potential crops.

Limited crop land

Marginal for current and potential crops and suitable for pastures.

Pasture land

LSuitable only for improved or native pastures

Non-agricultural land

  • Not suitable for agricultural uses
  • According to the expectation of our client we assist he/she to acquire the land

Farm designing/ farm layout preparation

  • Construct infrastructure
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Structures to prevent erosion
  • Improve soil to absore water
  • Eradication of invasive plants
  • Preparing the land for cultivation

Construction of farm

  • Construction of Farm Structures
  • Farm activities.
  • Size of the enterprise.
  • Future of the enterprise.
  • Accessibility.
  • Soil type.
  • Security.
  • Drainage/topography.
  • Relationship between the structures.
  • Closeness to social amenities.
  • Farmer's taste and preference
  • Materials for construction

On farm research work

  • Farm also affected like all natural systems, by environmental factors such as climate, weather, soils and topography.
  • Interactions between various plants, animals and microorganisms also affect the farming system.
  • Farming in this complex and constantly changing environment raises a host of questions and problems as each day and each season bring new challenges.
  • In response to a problem or some new information, we conduct an experiment on the farm with new techniques, observe the results and gave a conclusion.
  • It worked well in many of our clients integrated farming system.

Orchards and farm house

  • Developing farms, orchards and farmhouses
  • Maintaining of farms, orchards and lands
  • Germination of any cultivable plants
  • Production of saplings for orchards and farm houses

Machineries for agriculture and animal farms

  • Designing of farm equipments and animal cages
  • Production of farm equipments and animal cages
  • Repairing of farm equipments and animal cages
  • Drip irrigation setup
  • Sprinkler setup
  • Hydroponics
  • Green house

Farm animals

  • Rearing of farm animals
  • Sale of farm animals
  • Sale of animal products
  • Feed for farm animals

Laboratory tests

  • Soil analysis
  • Water analysis
  • Crop suitability analysis
  • Grafting


  • Procuring planting material for identified crop
  • Handling cultivation practices
  • Marketing of end Agri/farm produce
  • Training/Workshop